Author: Retter Hofbesitzer / Labels:

Russell Retter - partially orphaned when his mother, Luvina Black Retter, passed away.  After living in north Dayton until he reached 18 Russell returned to the farm and became an important member of the community.

Jeannette Romania Eickhoff Retter - also orphaned, but by her Civil War veteran father, Nettie came to the farm at a young age to become Russell's housekeeper and eventually became his wife.

Harry Eickhoff - Nettie's brother was wounded in WWI service and never fully recovered from his service wounds.  He lived at Retter Far, cared for by Nettie, and died at a young age.

Joe Marshall, Roy Myers and Bob Jenkins - sons-in-law of Russell and Nettie, all of whom survived U.S. Army service during WWII.  Each found peace at the farm.