About Retter Farm

Author: Retter Hofbesitzer / Labels:

Retter Farm is an Ohio Century and Sesquicentennial Farm having been in the same family lineage over 100 years; in our case for at least 150 years. The earliest documented family member that owned the farm was John Black, maternal grandfather of Russell Retter.  It was then passed to John Black's daughter, Luvina Black Retter, and thence through her estate to her son Russell.  It is from the Russell Retter era and that of his daughter, Pauline Retter Myers, that we maintain the Retter Farm name; their guardianship of the farm extended for more than 100 years.

We also call our home Retterbauernhof meaning Rescuer Farm.  It can be said that the literal translation of Retter from German into English as Rescuer is appropriate as the farm first rescued Russell who was orphaned, but later assumed the farm after his guardianship in Dayton ended upon his majority. Russell's brother-in-law Harry Eickhoff, a wounded veteran of WWI, also resided here under the care of Russell's wife Nettie.  Each of the 3 sons-in-law were likewise rescued from their pasts as WWII soldiers when they came to live peacefully and quietly with their families at Retter Farm.

Retter Farm is one of a handful of Century Farms in Miami County.  The Century Farm program recognizes Ohio farms that have been in the same family's ownership for 100 years or more.  We are proud to maintain that designation.  And proud to continue our rescues.