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There have been many Bibles at the farm.  Each branch of the family seems to have brought their own and, of course, many were the result of marriage of family members.  Over the years, and through the distribution of estate items, many of the earliest examples are now lost to the farm. 

The oldest that we have identified, and kept at the farm, was brought to the farm by Luvina Black Retter.  The 1876 Bible is leather bound and approximately 10 by 13 by 5 inches in size.  Produced by A. J. Holman Company of Philadelphia, the Bible was awarded many prizes for its excellent illustrations.  This Bible has heavily embossed and gilded covers on both front and back.

The second Bible of interest is that which was Nettie Retter's and received by Mildred Retter Jenkins after Nettie's death in 1956.  It is from the International Series, Self-Prouncing Edition from the John C. Winston Company of Philadelpia.  This is a personal Bible and easily carried for worship services.  Many of the important events in Nettie's life are recorded in clippings within the Bible's pages.  Mildred has added to these important events during her own life by also including clippings and other memorabilia.